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My interest in photography came after I realised that my aspirations as an artist were not going to happen.  I used  the family folding Kodak camera and shown is one of my early efforts, taken when 13,of a train crash in North London. Tearing a school blazer in the process.

My interest grew later  and I purchased a Nikon FM2 and added two more FM2 bodies to the first plus a selection of lenses.  These were changed for a Canon EOS100 in 1989, which gave me some excellent results.  However my  hobby really took off with Digital Photography. After owning a Nikon 5700 bridge style camera I bought a Canon EOS300D moving up to a EOS20D which was  replaced with by a 50D.  I treated myself to a 7D   keeping the 50D as a spare.  I also like making DVDs using Pro Show Gold, which is a great way to store and show photographs.  This has in most instances taken over from the slide shows with the advantage they can be shown on your TV.

I enjoy all types of photography but take a lot of horse shots as my wife is an owner and I get requests from other owners to photograph their horses, which I enjoy.  I am a member of the RSPB and visit the local nature reserve at Leighton Moss.  Motor sport is another favourite subject.  Until recently I took photographs for our MG club making a 'memories' DVD of the years activities.  For this I got contributions from other members who had taken photographs through the year.  Now over 80 I handed this over to another member but still take photos on our runs and the shows the club visits.  I am a member of the local camera club enjoying the chance to get other peoples views on the hobby and enter the club's competitions. The secret of any hobby is to enjoy it and I do. This site is purely for fun to show some of my photographic interest.       

Bryan Trigwell

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