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My interest in photography came after I realised that my aspirations as an artist were not going to happen.  I used  the family folding Kodak camera and shown is one of my early efforts, taken when 13,of a train crash in North London. Tearing a school blazer in the process.

My interest grew and I purchased a Canon EOS100 film camera in 1989, which gave me some excellent results.  However my  hobby really took off with Digital Photography. I bought a Canon EOS300D then moving up to a EOS20D which was  replaced with by a 50D.  I have recently treated myself to a 7D   keeping the 50D as a spare.

I enjoy all types of photography but take a lot of horse shots due to my wife's interest in horses and also share a bird hide with some friends which gives me another interest.  I am a member of the local camera club enjoying the chance to get other peoples views on the hobby and enter the club's competitions. The secret of any hobby is to enjoy it and I do. This site is purely for fun to show some of my photographic interest.       

Bryan Trigwell

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