As you can see my interset in photography goes   a number of years.

                                                                                                The train crash was taken July 1948, when I was 15 using a Kodak

                                                                                                bellows camera with an 8 exposure film.  I have progressed a little having

                                       owned                                              several Nikon and Canon film cameras.  I went digital in 2000 and now own

                                                                                                a Canon 50D and 7D plus variety of lenses.  I enjoy alltypes of photography

                                                                                               with horses being quite special due to my wife's interest in them.

                                                                                               Motor sport and nature subjects are also enjoyed.  I am in the very friendly local

                                                                                              camera club which has a varied programme of speakers and competitions.  I have

                                                                                               taken several Photoshop courses and enjoy making DVDs using Pro Show Gold,

                                                                                              this being a great way to store memories.  This site was done really as a bit of fun.